Saturday, December 19, 2009

Okay, it's been since the dark ages that this blog has gotten some update love and thanks to some well-placed emails and catty commentary, it's about time for something to get posted on 15mm. It's not that I don't want to write, but more a matter of time... The past month has been bogged down with international trips and starting this Monday, I'm taking holiday through Christmas in South Florida. Beginning January 1st, it's back to blogging hardcore. That very well may be a promise I can keep through 2010. We'll see.

For now, I'm appeasing the masses with a major personal pic update (linked by clicking the above pic) and another ridiculous round of flash-based Eye Candy goodness. I'm still getting used to posting in flash format, so bear with me on not being able to yet control the speed at which these pics go. Just think of it as a hands-free experience that leaves you more ability to focus on other, harder things. Also, please do keep in mind that from here on out on 15, the EC will return to it's full XXX-rated glory. Definitely NSFW:


On the Google Gallery, look for new muscle pics, snaps from a recent trip to Greece, Spain and Tunisia and refresh on some of my more wacky looks from years past. Anyone remember the mohawk? That was fun. What about the shoulder-length hair? Yeow. I must have lost my damned mind.

Here's wishing everyone a very happy holiday and a safe NYE,


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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I'm experimenting with new ways of getting EYE CANDY to the masses and have found that, for now, a flash gallery seems to work best. Since Photobucket can't handle the fleshiness of my postings, I'm going rogue (very Palin of me) and privately hosting on my own servers from here on out. It might eat up bandwidth, but it's worth it for the entire enchilada. This posting of EC contains no less than 107 images of the web's hottest guys. WOOT WOOT!

Just click the link below and enjoy. If you have any tech issues, feel free to drop me an email and let me know.

CLICK for latest Eye Candy!



Wednesday, October 14, 2009

While I'm waiting for my Dell to be repaired, here's a look at some of the newest Eye Candy I'm getting into my inbox. Not sure how long some of the more adult stuff will last on Photobucket, so enjoy while you can ;)


Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I see it's been awhile since I've uploaded any Eye Candy, so here's a little something to tide things over. The new edition of 15mm should upload by the end of this week, along with new video on the YouTube site. If you haven't checked out the bevy-of-BN-related sites lately, you're missing out on a LOT of new material. Click on the left-hand menu for more, more, more...



Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm hitting the bottle again... The bleach bottle.

Isn't it strange how one can find solace in doing something they've done dozens of times before? I ask this to myself every time I'm sitting on a plane and heading to Las Vegas, wondering if the allure of Sin City will ever get old for me. In a city where the only thing constant is massive change, I'm thinking that day won't come too soon.

Finding the perfect excuse in seeing mi amiga Kathy Griffin perform at Mandalay Bay, as well as a well-timed comp offer at Encore, I decided to brave the 107 degree weather and take a mental health weekend in Nevada. Sure, it was Fourth of July weekend, but how bad could it really be I asked myself. Besides, Vegas is hurting, people are 'stay'cationing at home and there's a new hybrid drag-magic show that just opened at The Harmon Theater. With entertainment offerings like this, I thought why not, I've always wanted to see a drag queen cut in half only to be put back together with some duct tape and eyelash glue.

... Now that's entertainment

Encore sent a car. Nice touch. Vegas's airport is actually turning into something you can navigate without a stroke thanks to massive renovation at baggage claim. Lots of new entertainment in town: Beyonce's doing a series of shows at Wynn, Bill Maher's at The Orleans, Bette is finishing up her first year at Caesars (and I hear that Celine is coming back soon... Midler's not selling well) and Santana is semi-permanent at The Hard Rock. Lion King is packing them in at Mandalay, replacing the long-running musical Mamma Mia! That's not to mention Donny & Marie at The Flamingo, who, in all seriousness, put on the best show since Gladys Knight had that same showroom some years ago. Lots up at Tix4Tonight. For the first time ever, I saw every major Cirque show on the boards at 50% off. Nice.

Chriss Angel's 'Believe' show is in the crapper. Friends of mine with the show say it's only a matter of time before they pay him out of his contract ($15 million) and bring in a REAL magician. What they've got now is a megalomaniac who's a walking billboard for Ed Hardy clothing and lazily-applied mascara. Curb appeal for the show is zero, as it's been called 'too Cirque for Angel fans' and 'too Angel for Cirque fans.' Angel's ego is so bruised from the scathing reviews that Cirque has been having to quietly paper the audience to fill seats, keeping their star performer to think that someone still finds him relevant. Personally, I think they'd do better with the show if they handed out rohypnol at the front door. At least then you could more easily forget the last few hours of what you saw and perhaps even enjoy the experience.

Kathy's show at Mandalay was excellent. Full house. 80% gay (at least). She's always a bit seedier for her late show and the audience was eating it up. A little too much focus on every single reality show on Bravo TV, but I figure she's contractually obligated to plug the network as much as she can. Some genuine laughs, but in her mounting popularity, she's losing the thing that made her a standout stand-up to begin with: Griffin needs to be careful not to catch the same cold that Margaret Cho did and take herself too seriously. Cho's career dive-bombed due to her own obsession with trying (unsuccessfully) to mix comedy and her extremely liberal political views. What started out as a witty, unique comedienne, became a very angry, militant activist in short time. That's why Cho is relegated to a sinking Lifetime TV series and Griffin is a double-Emmy winner.

D-list my ass

Don't get me wrong: Kathy was funny. It's just that everyone now knows her formula and getting her audience to jaw-drop is a much tougher thing. When she had her Wednesday night gossip show on Sunset in Los Angeles, it felt like you were part of a small, but in-the-know crowd who showed up to watch. Now, with her reality show going wide, there's little surprise left in her act, knowing full well that she'll talk about the same things over and over again: Oprah, Gayle King, Star Jones, Barbara Walters, Housewives of (fill in the blank), Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.

I was actually shocked she didn't rip into Michael Jackson that night, but she made it clear from the beginning that after talking with Wayne Brady, she wasn't going there. I don't think controversial comics like Lenny Bruce or George Carlin would have given a shit, but Griffin blinked and ended up playing it totally safe. I was a little disappointed.

I bumped quietly into a couple of escorts/porn stars while in Vegas and it's always fascinating for me to see someone up close versus just seeing the always-airbrushed, Vaseline studio photos.

I'm $300 an hour with a multi-hour discount...

One escort, well-reviewed, has a great worked out body, looks fantastic in and out of clothing, but has the most extreme face I've ever seen. I appreciate good cheekbones as much as the next guy, but these were just freaky looking, as if they were implants that were much larger than they should have been. He sorta resembles the love-child that Joan Rivers was too coked-out in the '80s to know about. On top of that, he was treating the service people around him like shit and barking orders in rather broken English. There's just something inherently funny about someone half-yelling things in German-tinged English: I felt like a trapped passenger on a hijacked Lufthansa flight.

I also passed by Falcon porn guy Benjamin Bradley, not initially recognizing him for his good looks, but the ridiculous tan he was sporting. Now, I'm not one to usually judge people by their penchant for inviting skin cancer into their life, but if this wasn't a spray-on tan, I'm totally unsure of what to make of his motivations... He was nearly Oompa Loompa orange. The kind of long term damage that this amount of UV sun exposure does to skin is irreversible and for someone in a looks-based business, this is what I would call making unthoughtful marketing choices. He's already aging quickly around the eyes and has the skin quality of, well, someone who lives in Las Vegas and can't stay out of a tanning bed, the sun or both.

Just Say No...

I also had the extreme naked pleasure of bumping into this hot escort in the spa at Wynn, where he was lounging with another very astute looking young gent. After practically demanding an exclusive erotic pic from the hot tub for 15mm, he sends me this from his phone with an 'LOL' subject line. Damned tease. You can click on the pic below to find out who's modeling this newest pair of AussieBum's finest.

My main lesson learned from this last trip was to stay away from the city during a holiday weekend, now knowing full well that no matter how much Vegas is hurting for visitors, they all seem to show up when they've got Monday off work. More sad than that is the fact that my unblemished love affair with Wynn and Encore hotels are now over.

*cue violins*

He had me at 'hell, that's expensive!'

It had to happen eventually: Steve Wynn has treated me like such a lady each and every visit, but this trip, no matter how fresh the flowers, how full the ice buckets, no matter how many times the door was held and pool cabana attended to, the hotel was just packed to the gills, making it nearly impossible to enjoy what makes the two resorts enjoyable in the first place. He's opened the doors to Hotwire, Priceline and Expedia, inviting in a contingent of folks who don't openly appreciate the surroundings and seem to find it acceptable to wear tank tops and flip flops everywhere they go. Steve Wynn went against his self-imposed rule of keeping up appearances by not overly discounting his rooms and it will be interesting to see what comes of it. When people want cheap rooms, loose slots and yard-long drinks, they go to the Luxor or Mandalay Bay. When you're wanting something more, even perhaps wanting to appreciate the small luxury details in a 5-star setting, there's Wynn/Encore, The Four Seasons, SkyLofts and The Mansion. With a bevvy of new luxury hotels opening with the creation of MGM's City Center (including a Mandarin Oriental), Wynn's got to figure out quickly where he wants to sit in that pack. Times might be tough for Vegas, but they aren't THAT tough.

I'm cranking out another posting of EYE CANDY now. Getting backed up and realizing that I've got nearly 300 images on file and ready to roll. Enjoy!
Future updates are already in the works... Thanks, as always, for keeping up with what's cooking in my life and always feel free to email letting me know your thoughts on this and future editions. I'm also actively looking for chatroom software to hold a monthly (or more) real-time chat session, so if anyone can recommend a good prog, I'd be most appreciative. For the time being, enjoy the SHOUTBOX on the left menu for a minor, but acceptable amount of interactivity.



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Sunday, July 05, 2009

YIKES! So much hoopla over so little to dish. That ain't nothing folks... Fraud runs deep in a fringe industry and as long as it's continuing to hurt those who don't deserve it, there's always more to be done.

Let me be perfectly clear: The bad things I've done in the past, I've apologized for very publicly. I was caught by a brilliantly written expose, I fessed up, I made good with the folks I hurt and I've moved on (as have they). If after all of this time you still can't see that clearly, it's obvious you're holding a grudge, don't know or have never met me and likely won't have that opportunity. It's time to build a bridge... And get over it.

What I know I'm not is a druggie, a dealer, a liar, a thief, unsafe, unhealthy or unwilling. I've stood by, quietly, watching several people get taken advantage of, hurt, sick and abused, all while thinking their 'special someone' has their best interests at heart. Often times, these infractions are quickly swept under the carpet thanks to a pretty face, big muscles or schoolhouse politics... All at the expense of the next guy who's willing to endure the con. If you can't agree that it's broken logic to let this behavior continue, then you're nothing more than a facilitator for this kind of sad, deluded cycle. In an industry that can be incredibly cozy, it's up to us to self-regulate and practice what we preach.

You can choose to believe me or resist as always, but rest assured you'll continue to sneak back to 15mm for updates, knowing full well that the logic is sound and my head remains locked squarely on my shoulders. In the past, I've been chastised for bringing to light escorts who continue to work while keeping their HIV+ status under wraps, only to be proven right when reviews are submitted saying the escort admitted to being sick and working bareback. I've gotten communication from friends of mine who say they've been ripped off by drugged-out escorts looking for a quick buck (and quick fix). It's one thing when you get a singular email from a person with a story about a bad guy, but quite another when you get four all telling you the same story.

That's correlation... And that's cause enough to post a buyer beware.

So, I'll continue to be 'the bad guy' for saving some of you a great deal of trouble and perhaps your future health and well-being. If you can't handle that, you're free to read elsewhere and find someone else to obsess over, as I've been in the ring for far too long to not know that you can't make everyone happy all of the time. No matter what you say- no matter how sweet the smell- someone is going to take offense.

I think I can handle that. I hope you can too.

Here's this week's EYE CANDY, posted in flash-form and easily browsed through for your viewing pleasure. Please do email and let me know if there are any coding problems in seeing this gallery. I'm trying some new things here, but would rather make life easier for you than create more tech headaches.

Look for another full-bore posting in a few days: Just getting back from a lengthy span in Las Vegas where I spent some time with my favorite maven of gossip Kathy Griffin. Great series of shows at Mandalay Bay Hotel and lots to wrap-up on 15mm. Heading to London, Paris and Amsterdam this coming week and then taking it easy for the rest of the month (ie, no international travel). Always feel free to keep up with my moment-to-moment whereabouts by visiting these world wide web links:





I need a friggin' secretary to keep up with where I am online now. Ridiculous.


Sunday, May 10, 2009



Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I'm late, I'm late... Over a month since the last entry and for that I should be flogged with the ratty, old extensions of Britney Spears: The combination of Kool's menthol second-hand smoke and spilled Bartles & James wine coolers have encrusted the hair into a makeshift paddle, making it easy and fun to dole out some S&M.

Here's what I'm working on for the next edition of 15mm...

* Some recent Broadway experiences: Shrek The Musical and the much-anticipated revival of West Side Story at The Palace. Also had a chance to catch the National Tour of Legally Blonde in Memphis. Details to follow.

* Travels to London (including loads of across-the-pond exploits) and an upcoming sojourn to St Lucia. While Aussiebum didn't exactly pay for the promo they're gonna get, expect some major pics of their new season's under gear.

* My visit to The Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart.

* News on a BN-centric article hitting a major newspaper soon

* Ripping Trump Chicago a new asshole: WORST HOTEL EVER...

* Rentboy news, gossip and blind-items galore.

But first and foremost, I'm getting a double-dose of Eye Candy up and at'em. Enjoy!

Also going VIP for the Britney Spears show in Houston later this month and plan on getting the backstage scoop as to what all the hoo-ha is about (yes, that's a technical term). I'm equally as excited about seeing a couple of Fleetwood Mac stops on their current tour and am pondering a leap across the water to see if Michael Jackson can pull off his dates at the 02 in London. Lots of shit to see and so little time...

That's not even to mention the insanity I expect seeing Patti Lupone and Mandy Patinkin in concert when they roll into San Antonio in early April. Between her penchant for yelling at audience members and Patinkin's history of slapping his co-stars, this evening of song may quickly turn into a lost episode of The Montel Williams Show. I can't wait.

Until I get the next edition up, enjoy this link, courtesy of writer and fabulous former call-girl Tracy Quan. She interviewed me for a piece on The Daily Beast and I think it turned out pretty swell:




Saturday, December 27, 2008



Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yep, it's back... An all-Eye Candy posting here on 15mm. Enjoy!

I also snapped some new shots the other day and decided to show some progress on my insane diet, boot-camp classes and weight hitting. Here's a little preview...

For the whole enchilada, you can check out my whole archive (along with recent updates) at the Google Gallery. Just click HERE and browse away.

Thanks to SilverDollar for your fantastic new review of me on MER! Mucho appreciated and the sentiment is definitely reciprocated.

This Eye Candy posting is dedicated to the always-Fiesta ready Skrubber...

I'm putting together the last bits of the new edition of 15mm, so keep an eye out for it in the near future. In the meantime, why not kibitz over the last few years of postings in the archive on the left-hand menu? Not only will it give you a better idea of how this thing has grown over time, but frightening insight into just how long ago I should have been medicated.


Until next time, please continue cyber-stalking me on Twitter. I'm of the opinion that you're no one until you have at least a dozen web stalkers. I've got an opening for at least two more.



Wednesday, October 24, 2007

An outstanding video clip of Linda Eder from YouTube. Turn those speakers up and enjoy.

Get ready for another mess-of-man-meat in the latest edition of 15mm EYE CANDY... A good selection of guys this time around and a big thanks, as always, to my online contributors for filling my inbox with delightful images.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Selfpic, 9/2/2007

Another posting of EYE CANDY! Look for a write-up in the next few days. I'm dishing on the industry (and what award-winning escort is giving the gift of STD for the holidays), RSVP Cruises (floating bathhouse or tepid tea-dance?), Kathy Griffin, Anna Nicole, has-been pornstar Brent Corrigan (and the fact that his EGO takes up his second bedroom) and a whole slew of other scandalous happenings.

Having just spent a week in Vegas (and still recovering from some MINDBLOWING sex romps), i'm putting some final details into the RSVP wrap-up and will post up ASAP.

DK's site is like sweet-sweet sugar for those with a hankering for the very latest gossip, gab and grunting from the gay adult industry. Damon is THE go-to guy for Harlow-Kocis murder scandal information and has a seemingly limitless list of sources in which to pull from. Be afraid, be very afraid. KRUEZER AT NIGHT... Check it out.



Tuesday, August 28, 2007

And thanks to Blogger adding direct-to-blog video, here's a recent clip from the Google Gallery BN-video folder...


And FYI, I just added a whole bunch of new pics from the RSVP trip into the Random and Travel galleries. Enjoy :)

IT'S BACK!!!! For those who have missed the XXX Candy Gallery, your wait is through. I've created a gallery on Google specifically for these pics and will be updating them on a weekly-to-bi-weekly basis. Take a look at the selection so far...

UPDATE: Well folks, it WAS back... And then someone decided to report the gallery to Google. That filthy, filthy pornography! *grin* Such is the case when you've got a small group of vapid queens ruining it for the greater whole. It'll be back. Don't fret.



Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Just updated the Google Galleries with new self-pics, so head on over and take a look:

Enjoy :)

Just back from San Fransisco. Expect a full trip report on my next edition, but for now i'm gearing up for Las Vegas at the end of this week and RSVP's Mediterranean cruise on the 9th. Shoot me an email to let me know if you're going to be on the ship!

Twitter is addictive... I wonder if there's a 12-step for it yet. If you're just getting the 'black box' and not realtime BN updates, just click on the DO YOU FOLLOW ME? button underneath and it should take you to my personal page.

Adios Buck-a-roos. Happy Hump Day (wet or dry)



Monday, June 11, 2007

It's up a little late, but I got some last-minute pics from my always-trusted source and wanted to make sure they were smokin' hot.

Yep, they were. Enjoy:

Just to keep the ball rolling, here is a blog i've been keeping an eye on, thanks to a rather rowdy roster of randy men...



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